John Reinhard Weguelin: Mermaids and Nymphs

John Reinhard Weguelin (1849-1927) was oil and watercolor painter. He was a master of figurative paintings, who especially loved antique scenes and mythology. Just like his contemporary John William Waterhouse, nymphs and mermaids were among his favorite subjects, but we can see Weguelin's females are portrayed more realistic, with less clothes, and it's easy to notice one of his major characteristics - very attractive yet realistic use of light.

Another important painter who should be compared to John Weguelin, is Edward Poynter, who was his teacher for several years in the Slade School of Fine Art. While Poynter used similar themes in his works and definitely influenced young Wenguelin in his first watercolor period, first success came with oil paintings among which several portrayed mermaids and similar mythological creatures.

Bacchus and the Choir of Nymphs

Bacchus and the Choir of Nymphs, oil painting from 1888 is made in artist's typical neo-classical style with dramatic background and harmonious use of colors.

Cupid and Nymphs by Weguelin

Cupid Bound by the Nymphs above is another oil on canvas. This painting from 1896 was exhibited in London's Royal Gallery and Liverpool's Walker Gallery. Unfortunately I can present it only in black and white version.

The same is true for the next Weguelin's painting: The Piper and the Nymphs from 1897, which was presented in Royal Academy as well.

Weguelin Piper and Nymphs

Pan the Beguiler from 1898 is similar case, but this time we are dealing with water colors. Weguelin returned to this media and today he is famous almost exclusively by works with water colours.

Pan the Beguiler by John Reinhard Weguelin

The Mermaid of Zennor, sometimes also named The Mermaid Discovered is one of the most known watercolours of John Weguelin. It is dated 1900 and depicts a scene from the legend of the same name.

Mermaid of Zennor

The theme of mermaids is continued with another watercolor: The Rainbow Lies in the Curve of the Sand, from 1901.

Rainbow Lies in the Curve of the Sand

We'll end our list of mermaid's paintings by John Reinhard Weguelin with a watercolour painting simply titled Mermaid. It was made in 1911. I know the artist made more paintings of water nymphs, but can't find any at the moment. So I rest my case for now.