Fairy Paintings by Various Artists

Fairies inspired numerous artists from all over the world and painters were no exception. When we look at the history we get the feeling these magical creatures were particularly popular in Victorian times. Maybe because of the technological advances and new media?


Even established painter as Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) could not resist to try himself in this attractive area, although he was most known by his paintings and sculptors of animals, especially dogs and horses (his most famous work are probably four lions on London's Trafalgar Square).


The title of the painting is Titania and Bottom. This is of course scene from famous Shakespear's comedy Midsummer Night's Dream where fairy people play important part. As we will soon find out, there are in general two kinds of paintings of the fairies: some are based on classic literary works (including works for children), others are products of pure artist's imagination.