Let's meet some fairies!

Fairies are magical creature with supernatural powers. They are known from storytelling tradition and were introduced to written literature in French medieval romances in 16th century.


Contrary to popular belief fairies are not always nice. Just think about the evil fairy in the Sleeping Beauty who cursed a babay because she wasn't invited to the party.


So if we want to know more about the fairies, we should examine one by one. One of best possible starters is probably Morgan le Fay.


This may be a surprise to some, because she is today mostly known as a witch, but her name clearly suggests her fairy origin. And this already brings us to very specific problem: definition of a fairy.


We'll not look at dictionaries, because this is not what this pages are about. We don't cae about definitions. They are too limited for the fairy land, where everything is possible.


Different people in different countries have different criteria about fairies. Yes, they supposedly came from Ireland, but Scandinavia is full of them, same is true for central and Eastern Europe and Indians in North America have many fascianting stories about fairies as well. Africa and Asia are certainla no exception.


Some believe they are only good spirited supernatural creatures. Others put them in the same group with trolls, sourcerers, ghouls and whatever you can imagine. For the purpose of this site everybody is right.

picture of a fairy

A fairy can be helpful or mean. Or both. Just think about Tinkerbell from Peter Pan which is nice and playful in one moment and plans to kill Wendy in next one!


We'll meet many fairies, we'll learn about their history, we'll check some of the finest paintings and illustrations of this magnificent creatures, but most of all, we'll try to enjoy in their company in the fairyland.